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Home Buyer Scout LV allows Home Buyers, Sellers, Renters, Landlords, Friends and Family to track real estate activity without obligations to a Real Estate Agent, Brokerage or Real Estate Lead Generation Companies.

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Want to look at Las Vegas houses for sale for yourself, a family member or friend? We understand other areas could be on your radar for work, retirement, investment or other opportunities.

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Our Home Search tool is responsive to any PC, Phone or Tablet screen. Search by Neighborhood Name, Find an MLS #, Use the Map Search Option and lots more.

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Receive a Monthly Home Sold Report on your address or someone else's to see how properties are moving in your community.

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You will be able to set up PERSONAL search criteria (so if you ONLY want to see homes for sale in Las Vegas with a pool, that’s exactly what your search will show you). You will be able to view maps and print driving directions. And, at any time, you can ask questions about particular MLS listings with the simple click of a button. It’s that simple!  YOU see what agents see on our Las Vegas MLXChange, AS FAST AS WE SEE IT.  So, if a listing agent has marked that there is an island in the kitchen, or if they’ve marked that there is a ceiling fan in the master bedroom, YOU KNOW ABOUT IT!

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* Save & View Favorite Listings* Discard properties you don’t like* Leave notes for your real estate agent on specific Las Vegas listings* View aerial maps, birds-eye maps, and more* Get emails on updated “favorite” listings* Get emails when a NEW MLS listing meets your search criteria* Create multiple searches (For example, if you’re looking for a 3 bedroom house with a pool in Las Vegas OR a 4-bedroom house with a loft in Las Vegas, you can create BOTH specific searches!)

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Michelle Sproul REALTOR®
[email protected]
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